Fight Pet Overpopulation

Six million dogs and cats are turned in to animals shelters around the country.  Some are lost! Some are abandoned!  Some are unwanted!

Great progress has been made in the Homer area with pet overpopulation.  Fewer homeless dogs and cats end up in our shelter and Homer Veterinary Clinic reports fewer euthanasia of unwanted animals.

You can help continue our progress by spaying and neutering your pet.  Fewer animals in need of shelter help, save lives.


Homer Animal Friends Spay/Neuter Program

Homer Animal Friends offers coupons to all pet owners (dogs & cats) in our service area.  These coupons help offset the veterinary charge for the spay/neuter surgery and may be picked up at the Homer Animal Friends Store, 601 E. Pioneer, Ste 109.

Service area:

            Kachemak Bay north to Ninilchik and communities on the south side of Kachemak Bay.

Authorized Veterinary Office:

            Homer Veterinary Clinic



            1) General coupon

                        -available to any dog or cat owner within our service area.

                        -coupon amount $50


            2) Coupons for those on public assistance.

                        -need Medicaid coupon or disability paperwork

                        -owner pays as much as they can afford ( the balance paid by HAF)


            3) Coupons for multiple dogs ( dog teams or kennels)

                        -coupon amount $50 each dog


            4) Coupons for low income owners

                        -owners must be interviewed by HAF – contact the HAF Store

                        -multiple dogs allowed

                        -coupon amounts vary



            Cat Clinic

                        -a specially priced clinic given yearly

                        -owner pays a set amount/ HAF pays the balance

                        – 2020 dates announced on Facebook and this website


             Dog Clinic

                        -a specially priced clinic given yearly

                        -owner pays a set amount/ HAF pay the balance

                        -2020 dates announced on Facebook and this website


 Animal Shelter

                        -HAF pays half the cost for spay/neuter of animals adopted at the Homer Animal Shelter



 Homer Animal Friends spay/neuter program started in 1988 and provided assistance to 34 animals at a cost of $1200.  Since that first year, we have provided assistance to over 9500 animals with a cost to HAF of $500,000.


                        377                                            $37,923

                   Spay/neuter surgeries                                       2018 financial cost to HAF

                      performed in 2018

                      using HAF coupons