Due to Covid-19 please email homerdogtrainers@gmail.com if you are interested in ANY class.  Puppy Kindergarten has been modified and is available by appointment only.

Please understand that all classes are not in session at all times, with the exception of Puppy Kindergarten which is ongoing. 

Basic Manners, Agility, and Nose Work classes are scheduled when the minimum number of students needed for a particular class is met.  Class days and times vary.

All HDT instructors use positive reinforcement instead of correction.  Training methods are based in Behavioral Science and are backed by research.  Dogs trained positively become brave and cooperative learners.

All classes are taught by volunteers and schedules are subject to change.

Puppy Kindergarten


The critical period of social acquisition for a puppy is between 8-16 weeks of age. We offer our Puppy Kindergarten by appointment only at this time.  Each week there will be different stations presented, with different things for the puppies to explore and experience.  Our instructors will teach guardians how to begin teaching desirable behaviors, like sit, down, come, wait, focus, and intro to the leash.  We are positive reinforcement trainers so the pups will receive lots of small treats to help with the learning process.

Cost $60 for 3 weeks, 1 class per week.  During Covid-19 only 2-3 puppies in the building at a time with 2-3 instructors.  Masks are required.

You will need:

  • 6′ leash
  • collar/harness
  • vaccination records (puppy must have had at least one set of shots at least 7 days prior to attending)
  • Something to put treats in (treat pouch, sweatshirt, work apron)
  • Favorite treats (although we do provide treats as part of your class fee)

We recommend that if you have just adopted your puppy, that you wait a week before attending the first class, so your puppy has a chance to settle in with you before coming to class.

For more information, please contact instructors Sue or Casey if you plan to attend or if you have any puppy rearing questions.

Basic Manners

Basic Manners classes focus on relationship while training.   If we get the relationship right, obedience is a natural outcome.   Learning should be fun for the dog and the trainer.  No punishment used.

Behaviors:  Focus (in order for a dog to learn, she must be able to pay attention to her person); Sit/stay; Down/stay: Hand Targeting; Come; Go to Place; Leave it; Wait; Polite leash walking.   Issues addressed: Jumping up, not coming when called, excessive mouthing, help with fetching…

Equipment:  Collar, no pull harness or head halter; 6 foot training leash; rewards pouch; training rewards; special project for dog to enjoy during down time.  Clickers will be provided for those who would like to use one (highly recommended).

These classes are for dogs that are not aggressive or fearful. 

Cost $150 for 6 weeks, dog must be at least 6 months old

Contact instructor Pat Moss for more information.

K9 Nose Work

INTRO TO K9 NOSE WORK Your dog will learn to search for his favorite treat or toy in an indoor area. We will teach him to solve puzzles and each week the hides will be a little more challenging. After this session, you and your dog will have enough skills to continue on your own. Cost: $90 for 6 weeks, max 6 dogs Dogs must be 6 months 

INTRO TO ODOR In this class the odor ‘sweet birch’ is introduced. Your dog will learn to search for odor instead of food/ toy. Searches will be conducted indoors and outdoors. Hides will become more challenging as the dog progresses. Cost $90 for 6 weeks, max 6 dogs Prerequisite Intro to Nose Work 

ELEMENTS This class will focus on the four elements: containers, vehicles, exteriors and interiors. Converging odor and inaccessible hides will be introduce. Cost $60 for 6 weeks Prerequisite Intro to Odor 

CONTINUING K9 NOSE WORK Dogs and handlers will continue learning new skills while working as a team. Cost $10 a class Prerequisite Intro to Odor 

ADVANCED K9 NOSE WORK Class for dogs and handlers wishing to practice for NACSW trials. Cost $10 Prerequisite instructors permission 

PUPPY K9 NOSE WORK Introduce your adolescent dog to nose work and start using the training skills you learned in Puppy K. This fun sport will help your dog learn self control, settle, ‘wait’ in the car, recall and much more……..all while allowing them to hunt. Cost $80 for 4 weeks 

HANDLER DISCRIMINATION Want to learn a new aspect of scent detection sport training? In the AKC program there is a Handler Discrimination element where the handler’s scent is the target odor. Cost $60 for 4 weeks 

FUN MATCHES For all nose work dogs Cost $10 

Contact instructor Pat Boone for more information & registration


INTRO TO AGILITY – A new class for those who think they might like to try agility` but don’t know much about it or aren’t sure if their dog will like it. An introduction to each obstacle for you and your dog. This class will give you a good idea of the time and commitment required to become proficient in the sport of agility. 4 weeks, $75.00. Prerequisite Basic Manners or other obedience class, dog must be at least 1 yr old. Minimum 3 teams, Maximum 5 teams. 

BEGINNING AGILITY – Teaches your dog to safely and confidently navigate each obstacle (tunnel, dogwalk, a-frame, table, all types of jumps, tire, chute, weaves and teeter totter). Class meets once a week for 6 months. Cost $80 per month. Dog must be at least 1 yr old. Prerequisite Intro To Agility, Basic Manners or Instructor’s Permission. Minimum 3 teams, Maximum 5 teams. 

HANDLING 101 – This class teaches you how to effectively direct your dog from obstacle to obstacle. Handling maneuvers such as Front Cross, Rear Cross, Blind Cross, Lead Out’s, Lead Out Pivots, False Turns, Wraps, Serpentines and more will be discussed and practiced. Prerequisite Beginning Agility or Instructor’s Permission. Class meets once a week for 6 months. Cost $80.00 per month. Minimum 3 teams, Maximum 5 teams. 

CONTINUING AGILITY – This is the class where we put it all together. Short courses are set up focusing on different skills every week. This class is ongoing and open to teams that have successfully completed Beginning Agility and Handling 101. Class meets weekly. Cost $75 per month. Minimum 3 teams, Maximum 6 teams. 

ADVANCED AGILITY– For those teams who want to continue advancing their skills and possibly enter competition. This class is ongoing and open to teams that have been in Continuing Agility and are, in the instructor’s opinion, ready for more advanced courses. During the summer, this class meets outside and courses are full length, competition level. Cost $75 for 6 weeks. 

PUPPY AGILITY – For puppies just out of Puppy Kindergarten up to 6 months old. A fun filled introduction to agility obstacles with no pressure to perform. This class focuses on building your puppies confidence around and on the obstacles. Class meets weekly for 4 weeks and can be retaken until your puppy ages out. Cost $80. Minimum 3 teams, Maximum 6 teams. 

JUMPS AND WEAVES – A “pop up” class focused solely on Jumping and Weaving skills. $25 

ALL CONTACTS – Another “pop up” class focusing on the contact obstacles (A-Frame, Dogwalk, Teeter Totter and Table). $25 

Contact instructor Tracie for more information

For more information contact: 



Puppy Kindergarten

                Casey Moss: 299-3048

                Sue Post: 235-4190

Basic Manners

                Pat Moss: 235-8053

K9 Nose Work

                Pat Boone: 299-2925


                Tracie Whitaker: 399-0630

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