In order to keep pets from being relinquished to our shelter, HAF takes a two pronged approach. 

1) Provide lowered cost spay/neuter

2) Educate people in our community about the responsibilities of pet guardianship by:

          A. Providing information about our services and about different aspects of pet care by participating in the Safe and Healthy Kids Fair and the Rotary Health Fair.

          B. Going into the schools to teach children how to be safe around dogs and how to care for their pets. 

          C. Offering training classes through Homer Dog Trainers.  HDT trainers uses positive methods to help build a strong guardian/dog relationship.


  • Puppy Kindergarten – for dogs 8 – 12 weeks of age, finishing the class by 16 weeks.  This is a critical time in a dog’s life, and there are no do-overs.  Dogs who were thoughtfully socialized during this period are more likely to become excellent canine citizens.
  • Basic Manners – for dog 5 months of age and older (dogs are never too old to learn).  Teaching people how to read and respond to their dog’s body language in order to foster clear channels of communication.  Thoughtful, gentle training of some the important skills that all dogs need to flourish in the world of humans.     
  • Agility – channeling doggy athletes’ energy to teach them how to run an obstacle course.  Dog needs to be structurally sound.  Can participate just for fun, or with the goal of competition in agility trials.  Fun for dog and owner, alike.  Builds relationship and confidence.
  • Nose Work – Dogs use their noses to hunt.  Nose Work gives the dog opportunities to hunt for specific odors placed in the environment in order to earn rewards.  Great relationship and confidence builder.    Any dog can do it – old, young, three legged, deaf, fearful, aggressive around other dogs – and all dogs benefit.  Like agility, guardians can participate just for the fun of it, or with the goal of competition.

For more information on Homer Dog Trainer’s Classes click here.

We believe that education is one of the most important components of our programs, and that education plays a large role in keeping pets from being relinquished to the shelter or euthanized for behavioral problems.   The managers at the Homer Animal Shelter report that their numbers are much lower than comparable shelters elsewhere in Alaska.

If you are interested in having us come to your school, or in taking a class at Homer Dog Trainers please

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