Are you the Animal Shelter?

No, although we do assist the Homer Animal Shelter with the cost of the spay/neuter of all animals that come through their doors.  We also help purchase items that might not be in the Shelter’s budget.  The Homer Animal Shelter is run by Alaska Mindful Paws.  They can be reached at 235-3141.

Are you Homer Hounds?

No, we purchased the retail side of  Homer Hounds in 2015 and made it the Homer Animal Friends Store.  Our store is a place where people can support animal welfare in our community by shopping locally.  The store also provides coupons for spay/neuters and provides pet-related information from the community, as well as class information for Homer Dog Trainers.

Do you offer dog training classes?

Homer Dog Trainers is a part of the Homer Animal Friends educational program.  You can find their available classes here.

Where does your funding come from?

People like you!  If you are interested in helping Homer Animal Friends continue the mission of promoting animal welfare in the community, please consider donating and/or becoming a member.

How will you use my donation?

Your donation will help to cover the cost of spay/neuters of shelter animals, as well as providing lowered cost spay/neuters within our community.  We also help fund spay/neuter and microchip clinics sponsored by the Homer Veterinary Clinic, Kachemak Bay Animal Hospital, and Dr. Marlowe.

How many animals have you helped?

As of the end of 2022, we have helped with the spay/neuter costs of about 10,600 dogs and cats, at a total cost to HAF of over $619,000.

How much is a spay/neuter?

Please contact the Veterinary Clinics for their current rates.

$100 coupons that help reduce the cost of spay/neuter are available at the Homer Animal Friends Store.

Where are spay/neuter coupons accepted?

Coupons received from Homer Animal Friends can only be used at the Homer Veterinary Clinic, Kachemak Bay Animal Hospital, and with Dr. Marlowe.

Who do I call about animal abuse?

If the abuse is occurring within the city limits of Homer you can call the Homer Police Department at 235-3150 or the Homer Animal Shelter at 235-3141.

If it is occurring outside the city of Homer contact the Alaska State Troopers at 235-8239.

Who do I call if my pet has gone missing?

  1. Call your neighbors and let them know

  2. Call the Animal Shelter 235-3141 and leave a message

  3. Call KBBI’s Critter Line 235-7721

  4. Call KGTL’s Doggone News 235-7551

  5. Call the Homer Vet Clinic 235-8960 and Kachemak Bay Animal Hospital at 235-0143.

  6. Post a photo and details on Homer Animal Friends Facebook page

  7. Take/send a current photo to Lazer Print and use their Lost Animal Template to make flyers

After you have been reunited with your pet please remember to advise all of the above that your pet is no longer lost.

How do I become a member?

You can stop by the store and fill out a form or you can fill out our membership form here.

Do you have volunteer opportunities?

We do have volunteer opportunities from time to time.  Whether it be wearing fairy wings to become a poop fairy to help clean up Homer or assisting with events such as parades, the dog jog, or information booths, we can always use another set of hands.  If you are interested in volunteering please email us!